Your privacy is the highest priority for us at Gopeta. Thus, we are transparent in keeping you updated about how we collect, share, use and ensure that your personal data is in safe hands. When you shop on our website or choose to shop at our offline stores across Kuwait, you give us access to your information as discussed at length in this privacy policy. It is crucial to us to safeguard your personal details and we have taken all the measures to ensure that your data is safe & secure with us.

The privacy policy discussed here applies to all the personal information you share with us at Gopeta . In the due course of this document, Gopeta can be referred to as “Gopeta”, “we”, “us” or “our”. While we not only strive to bring a diverse and genuine shopping experience to our customers, it is also our prerogative to keep the information of our esteemed customers private and confidential.

In order to have a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience, we collect your personal information in order to manage your account better and this privacy policy will help you understand our process better.


In order to offer you a seamless shopping experience, it is important for us to closely work with the information of our customers. We may collect the details from you when you redeem our services or we may receive personally identifiable information from other sources. This information helps us serve you better as the same will be used for any transactions that may happen at offline stores or while you shop online on Gopeta. It also helps us with operational functions and marketing activies to bring to you the best deals and to keep you updated about the latest offerings at Gopeta.

  • When you opt for a Gopeta online shopping experience, we collect your information via website cookies, log information and web beacons. This helps us in enhancing the functionality of our website every time you use it. We do an overall review of our customer’s activity which helps us serve them better while making the entire process safe and efficient.
  • When you accept the cookies on the website, you are giving us an opportunity to understand your needs and interests better, thus ensuring a shopping experience that is carefully curated for you. The cookies are small files containing strings of text that are stored on your computer or phone and these help us authenticate your transactions made on Gopeta.
  • Cookies are often paired with web beacons to understand the customer’s activity on the website. The time duration spent on the website helps us review and understand the website traffic, visitor count and other parameters that are essential in enhancing your shopping experience.
  • The log information includes specifics like operating system, browser details, website requests, date & time of your request etc.
  • Apart from this, we use IP addresses to analyze the trends, track the user’s movement and gather demographic information about the customer for the purpose of operations. IP addresses are in no way linked to personally identifiable information.

When you shop with Gopeta , here are some of the circumstances under which your personal
data may be acquired:

  • If you have registered for our services both at the physical store and the online store.
  • When you shop with the Gopeta online store in Kuwait, browse our shopping website or use our mobile application.
  • In case you use our online or printed coupons or vouchers.
  • When you reach out to us or we contact you or you participate in our promotional activities, surveys, contests and when you provide reviews about us and our services.

The personally identifiable information that can be collected while you explore Gopeta online may include the following:

  • Your first & last name along with your email address and contact details like PIN/ZIP code, phone number etc.
  • Your demographic information like age, gender, address , occupation and durable owned by you.
  • Your personal preferences and interests
  • Your take on products, services and the overall features of our website.

Apart from this, we may also collect the following information to understand you better:

  • The pages accessed by you
  • The different links that you click on our website
  • The number of times you visit our page
  • The products you explore, add to your cart and Wishlist
  • The different websites that are simultaneously open on your browser while you use our website.


Your transaction with Gopeta is safe and secure and we use your personal data that we may happen to collect in the following ways:
Operations & transactions:

  • Managing & fulfilling your purchases and encouraging sales, processing and settling the payments while handling the orders and providing both at the physical store and online.
  • To provide prompt customer service and to assist you in case of disputes and to process payments including returns, refunds and other issues related to payments.
  • To manage subscriptions which includes billing, improving reorder experience, order management and to communicate with the customer about offers, services, products and subscriptions.
  • To prevent any fraudulent transactions and to monitor the process against theft and to safeguard our customers and our business.
  • To fulfill logistical, financial, technical, tax, compliance, legal, administrative and other back office functions.
  • To conduct a transaction where we collect customer information as required by the law.

Social media and online marketing:

  • To send our customers surveys, promotional campaigns and updates about the latest products, website updates, updates in our service or policies through official marketing channels such as email, SMS and through social media. Both auto- generated and customised communications will be sent with relevant information based on the individual customer’s preferences (if you have opted to receive such information)
  • To send out coupons, newsletters, receipt messages, mobile messages, emails and notifications on social media and details about raffle draws, contests if any both at offline stores across Kuwait and online.
  • To respond to queries about our services and products both at physical stores and Gopeta online store in Kuwait. We connect with the customer via phone calls, email or through our online shop and social media to help with any queries that they may have.


We only disclose your personal data to organizations or companies that work with us to help you
serve better. From courier companies that we work with to other services who may require your
personal data for an efficient online shopping experience. We under no circumstances use, sell, share
or rent any customer details unless under special circumstances such as compliance with court
orders, subpoenas, on demand of legal authorities or law enforcement agencies who may require
such information. We, at Gopeta take every precaution to ensure that your information is
protected when you shop online and offline.


  • Gopeta operates on varied social media channels to inform, engage and to assist our customers with their shopping experience. We monitor and record the engagement on the posts in terms of comments so that we can continue to better our services.
  • Gopeta does not take responsibility for any content posted on these platforms, except the ones posted by us. We do not endorse any of the social media platforms or information posted by third parties on these platforms.
  • The varied platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or google may use the information for their own purpose through profiling and targeting with other advertising. We are in no way associated with these activities undertaken by the said platforms.


As you explore a wide array of products on Gopeta, all the information that we have about our
customers is available on our database. When you login to your account on the Gopeta website, you
can access all your data at any time.

You have the following rights pertaining to your personal data:

  • You can request a change or update of your personal information that you have submitted to the website. This will help us eliminate any incorrect or outdated information that we may have of you, thus enabling us to serve you better. However, we may have to verify the change as requested by you to ensure that it is genuine and complies with our data policies.
  • You can request to delete or remove your personal information. However, we may not be able to comply under certain circumstances due to certain legal concerns, which will be notified to you if applicable at the time of request.
  • You can raise objection to processing of your personal data under certain circumstances citing violation of your fundamental rights & freedom.
  • You can request the restriction of processing of your personal information. If you have successfully made a request to restrict your personal information, we will suspend the processing of the said data- where you choose to close your account and discontinue using our services, or where you are challenging the information we have and where you may want to defend legal claims when we would otherwise delete or anonymize the information.


You can raise a concern about using your personal information for any direct marketing purpose. We will terminate any direct marketing communications made to you. There are many other instances where you can restrict the use of your personal data apart from the circumstances mentioned above. If you are updating your data that we have on our database and we have used your confidential information unfairly, you can raise a concern to the data protection body, as you have a right over data and its privacy.


If you have opted to receive notifications and updates about the store and its latest offerings, regular communications will be sent to you. However, you can always opt out of these marketing or promotional programs, by clicking on unsubscribe in case of promotional emails. To stop receiving SMS , you can follow the opt out process as stated in the SMS.


If you are submitting ratings and reviews of the products purchased on Gopeta , you agree that you are the sole author of the same. You are entirely responsible and own the intellectual rights on the content submitted by you. All the feedback given will be authenticate and genuine with no intention to mislead fellow customers. If you have been paid a compensation for your review or if the content is copied from elsewhere or infringes on a third party’s copyright, trademark or patent, if the content submitted is offensive or violates any law or contains any virus, malware or worms that can damage computer files, Gopeta reserves a right to reject, remove or refuse to post the reviews submitted.


If you receive any communications via phone calls, messages, emails or such about prizes, promotions, recruitments, money transfer or investment on behalf of Gopeta, we request you to bring it to our attention immediately. These are fraudulent activities which we have no association with. If we run any contest or promotional offers, the same will be listed on our official website, official social media handles and in store. We recruit employees either through our inhouse human resource team or affiliated agencies. We do not ask for bank details from our customers and we request you to bring any suspicious activities to our notice immediately. Gopeta reserves a right to take legal action against individuals and entities who engage in fraudulent activities using Gopeta as a front. If you are subject to such suspicious activities or fraudulent calls or scams, please write to us at:


If you wish to know more about our privacy policy or have any complaints about how we have handled your personal information, please email us on: We are determined to offer a safe and hassle free shopping experience, and any concerns that you may have, we will address promptly and try to resolve it to the best of our capacity.


Kindly note that under no circumstances, but not limited to, will Gopeta be liable for any special, indirect, consequential damage that may be a result of the use or inability to use the information, page content, page code, material on page, software or user services. While we constantly work towards offering a safe and security experience and ensure that there are no security breaches, no internet transmission is completely and constantly secure and in such instances, Gopeta is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or exemplary damage that may be a result of hacking, data loss or any other unauthorized access or breach.


As a user, individual or a third party, you agree to act responsibility and cause no harm while you access the Gopeta website. If an event as such should occur, resulting in any loss or harm to the brand, then Gopeta shall have a right to take appropriate and legal actions to identify the person or people involved to seek compensation and indemnity for the loss and damages incurred, which may include legal charges.


This privacy policy is governed and constructed in accordance with the law of Kuwait. Any disputes that arise in relation to this will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Kuwait.