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Flamegas Gas Cooker with Oven and Grill 80x60cm, Silver – Made in Italy

SKU: UN-8633GI
169.000 د.ك
Gas Cooker with Oven and Grill 80x60cm, 5 Burner Gas, Oven and Grill

Geepas 2-Burner Gas Hob/ Cooker – GK5605

SKU: GK5605
9.500 د.ك
Burner Gas Hob/Cooker, Auto Ignition, Outdoor Grill, Camping Stoves, Stainless Steel Body, 2 Years Warranty

Home Elite Hot Plate Tabletop 2 Burners

SKU: 1000080
3.900 د.ك
Home Elite Hot Plate Tabletop 2 Burners 2500W Thermostat Control

Media 50X55cm Gas Cooker 4 Burner, Silver

SKU: BME50058-S
45.000 د.ك
50X55 Cm, With Grill, Free Standing

Midea 60×60 Gas Cooker, Silver

SKU: BME62058-D-S
69.900 د.ك
4 Gas Burners - Sink Burner, Separate Knob For Grill and Oven, Mechanical Control, Cast Iron Pan Support

Orca double Hot Plate Ceramic 2500 W/atts Steel

11.000 د.ك

MODEL Orca Hot Plate HP202-T10

- Ceramic

- Thermostat Control

- Indicator Light

- Non Skid Rubber Fit keeps the unit steady

- 2100-2500 Watts

- Stainless Steel

Orca Gas Cooker 4 Burner, White

38.000 د.ك
50x50 Free Standing Cooker, Made in Turkey

Orca Gas Cooker 90×60 5Burner, Silver

149.000 د.ك
Orca 5 Burner Gas Cooker 90X60 CM, Sliver